New Zealand UMF Manuka Honey

//New Zealand UMF Manuka Honey

New Zealand UMF Manuka Honey

UMF manuka honey comes from the pristine country sides of New Zealand. Located in the southwestern Pacific ocean, New Zealand is one of the last developed modern civilizations. It has a vast biodiversity of plants, animals, and fungal life thriving in a clean environment.

Perfect for manufacturing manuka honey via the honey bee and the manuka bush, also known as Leptospermum scoparium or tea tree.

What is UMF Manuka Honey

Manuka honey UMF is the unique manuka factor found in the manuka honey. The trademarked testing that reveals the antibacterial property of the manuka honey.

This test are certified by the UFMHA. The 3 key markers making up the unique manuka factor or UMF are:

  • Leptosperin
  • Methylglyoxal
  • DHA

There are also Manuka honey suppliers that use other standards rather than the trademarked UMF manuka honey system. Here are a few:

  • KFactor
  • Bio active
  • MGO
  • active

These standards may be fine, they just didn’t want to go through the UMFHA for what ever reason. Maybe there was a reason they couldn’t. I don’t really know. Do a little research on each of these, to find out if they test for the same components as the UMFHA.

I do know from personal experience that manuka honey that doesn’t carry the UMF trademark are typically a little less expensive.

UMF Manuka Honey Brands

When a customer decides to buy a jar of manuka honey, they want to get the best deal they can find. If you’ve never shoped for Manuka honey, then you may be supprised of the cost. On the other hand, if you have been looking around for it, you know it can get a little pricey.

Especially if you are looking for a higher UMF rating like 18+ or 20+. Here are a few brands sold here in the United States that are UMF approved. I will first list the name of the brand, then there UMF licence number.

UMF Manuka Brand UMF license number
Happy Valley Honey Ltd UMF Manuka Honey Licence # 2024
Kiva UMF Manuka Honey Licence # 2240
Manukora UMF Manuka Honey Licence # 2228
Comvita UMF Manuka Licence # 1019
Wild Cape UMF Manuka Honey Licence # 1027
Bee’s Inn UMF Manuka Honey Licence # 1040
Haddrell’s of Cambridge UMF Manuka Honey Licence # 1075
Melora UMF Manuka Honey Licence # 2015
Tahi UMF Manuka Honey Licence # 2035

Best manuka honey store

Wild Cape 15+ UMF Manuka Honey

Manuka honey UMf 15+ is one of the most popular umf manuka honey strengths. Wild Cape is a trusted UMF manuka honey provider, respected highly in there field.

Who Certifies Manuka Honey UMF

UMF Manuka Honey is certified by the UMFHA. UMFHA stands for the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association. There registered trademark is UMF® and assures the customer of quality, purity and strength. The most common manuka honey grades are:

  • UMF 5
  • UMF 10
  • UMF 15
  • UMF 18
  • UMF 20

The UMFHA oversees all UMF manuka honey standards. Where ever trademarked manuka honey is sold, the UMFHA  has regular checks done for the unique manuka factor to assure that the customer is receiving high quality UMF manuka honey at the strength that is labeled on the jar.

The customer is paying a premium price for the UMF trademark and can be assured that they are getting what they are purchasing. Shop the Best UMF Manuka Honey Store and see how much you can save on UMF manuka Honey.

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Is your Manuka Honey UMH certified

There are more and more brands of certified UMF  manuka honey popping up all the time. How do you know if it is a true UMF certified manuka honey? Does it really matter?

The easiest way is to find the licence number from the UMFHA printed somewhere on the container. Another way is to look up the brand name on the UMFHA’s website. Above is a table of brands and there UMF licence #.  This should be the bulk of the brands sold here in the United States. I can’t guarantee there all there, and there are always new companies selling UMf manuka honey in the U.S. I’ll try to keep this updated as much as possible.

One of the main reasons the customer decides he wants UMF certified manuka honey is because it is tested by the UMFHA. The originator of the Unique Manuka Factor. They are trusted world wide to give there UMF® trademark to New Zealand manuka honey that meet the grade. Depending on the strength of the manuka honey, the strength can range any where from UMF 5+ to UMF 26+. Here is the breakdown of what UMF 5+ and UMF 26+ is tested for ( I’ll also include UMF 15+ to give you more of an Idea of the differences):

Use slider in table below to view all results

UMF grade Hydroxymethylfurfural < 40 Leptosperin Methylglyoxal
UMF grade 5+ Hydroxymethylfurfural < 40 (5)=40  Leptosperin (5)=100 Methylglyoxal (5)=83
UMF grade 15+ Hydroxymethylfurfural < 40 (15)=40 Leptosperin (15)=100 Methylglyoxal (15)=514
UMF grade 26+ Hydroxymethylfurfural < 40 (26)=40 Leptosperin (26)=100 Methylglyoxal (26)=1,282

As you can see, when you use the slider (above on the table) and get to the “Methylglyoxal” content, there is quite a difference.  Some manuka honey brands only test for the Methylglyoxal content. There thinking is that it is this marker that gives manuka honey the  non-peroxide antibacterial activity it has. On the other hand, the UMFHA believes that all 3 are important. Thus, test for all 3 markers.

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