About this website

Best UMF Manuka Honey is an Amazon affiliate company. The scope of our website is to give the customer better shopping experience, by narrowing down the products and categorizing the manuka honey products. For instance, all manuka honey on this site is UMF certified. All manuka honey products (excluding the UMF manuka honey category), on the other hand, may or may not use UMF certified manuka honey in there products. For instance, skin care products using manuka honey may or may not use certified UMF manuka honey. The reason I included them on this site is that many have extremely good reviews. Customer’s have found many of these products extremely effective for there purpose.

How to order

Add products to your shopping cart. When you are done shopping click on view cart. You will see all the products you ordered, then click on “proceed to checkout”. You’ll be redirected to amazon and ask to confirm the products in your cart. Then just check out using Amazon’s trusted checkout. If you have a prime membership, and the products are prime, you will still get prime shipping on your orders.